DIAKEY® REALcheck COVID-19 (nCOV) Detection Kit

DIAKEY REALcheck COVID-19 (nCOV) Detection Kit is in vitro diagnostic reagent to qualitative detection of RdRp, N gene of COVID-19 by Multiplex OneStep qRT-PCR.

Detection Target gene
  • RdRp (ORF1ab) gene
  • ORF8 (COVID-19) gene
  • RP gen
2X OneStep qRT-PCR Master Mix[For Probe] 1 mL * 1 ea
PM(RdRp/ORF8/RP Primer & Probe) 0.2 mL * 1 ea
PC(RdRp/ORF8/RP Positive Control) 0.8 mL * 1 ea
RNase free water 1 mL * 1 ea
The Kit includes 2X OneStep qRT-PCR Master Mix(Including RTase, DNA Polymerase and RNase inhibitor) and PM(Primer Mixture). We also provide a PC(Positive Control(2019_nCoV)), which allows us to compare the results with clinical sample results to ensure correct interpretation of the results.
  1. 1. Sample Processing
    Sampling swabs/sputum are pooled in a sufficient volume of sterile Buffer

  2. 2. RNA reparation
    DIAKEY REALcheck Viral DNA/RNA Prep Kit can be used

  3. 3. Reaction Set-up
    qRT-PCR Reverse Transcription and Amplification

  4. 4. Data Analysis
    validity and qualitative result

Type FAM Texas Red HEX(VIC) Result Analisys
RdRp gene N gene RP gene
PC(Positive Control) + + + Valid
NC(Negative Control) - - - Valid
Sample1 + + +/- Positive
Sample2 + - +/- Positive
Sample3 - + +/- Positive
Sample4 - - +/- Negative

It is recommended to proceeding without interruption to avoid any degradation of isolated samples and reagents.
If necessary, store isolated RNA at -80℃ to -70℃ before use and avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

Order Info
Product Cat No. Box Size(mm) Shelf Life Storage
DIAKEY® REALcheck COVID-19(nCOV) Detection Kit MF01 30g, 70*50*55 6 months -20℃ to -15℃