Product Summary

MASSIA R-4200 is the fully automated open system instrument for RIA testing developed with our well-experienced engineers and researchers who are experts in immunoassay industry. MASSIA R-4200 is designed to have optimized performance, user-friendly program, and to be extremely efficient and flexible for any users in varius circumstances.

Product Video

Dispensing System

Four washable needles are able to aspirate from two adjacent samples, or else, from the same reagent.

Each needle is attached to a dilutor with one syringes with 1000uL (dispensing).

A liquid and clot detector is provided for each needle in order to grant a correct functioning of the system.

Samples and Reagents

Sample rack : 20 samples with easy bar-code reading design.

Total 10 rails can handle up to 200 samples and give flexsible layout setup for various lab situations.

Three types of reagent racks : give various options for users to optimize open system advantage.


400 target rack (no-heating from 20 to 45℃ and shaken at different speed.)

Soft-ware-mediated up to 350RPM and shaking speed.

Barcode System

High performance barcode reader : fast, accurate and easy bar-code reading system.

Software : External PC

The program is made of different modules which allow the user to :

  • Insert and modify tests and its features.
  • Insert the work-list aling with all relavant patient data.
  • Monitor the entire test-run.
  • Display and manage the final results.

The software also includes a service module for checking instrument mechanical functioning which are :

  • TMS(Time Management System) to optimize the time scores of each single test.
  • Curve storage, whereby a new curve can be calculated by using only two calibrators.
  • Quality Control Program.

Specification Description
Needle Type 4 Washable needles
Sample Dispensing Speed 1400 samples/hour
Reagent Dispensing Speed 5000 tests/hour
Liquid Handling Range 10-1000ul with steps of 1ul
Available Sample tube Size up to 12.8mm diameter / 71mm (Typical Vacutainer available)
Sample Load Capacity 200 Samples
Test Tube Load Capacity 400 Tests
Dispensing Precision CV% < 3% with 10ul
CV% < 1% with 100ul
Carry-over < 1 ppm
Liquid Sensors Level Sensor, Clot Sensor
Barcode Stationary Barcode for Sample tube
EED 500 to 1000 scans / sec
Shaking incubator up to 350 rpm
Washer 20 channel manifold
Detector 10 Detectors, Through hole type
Background I-125 < 150, Co57 <150
Efficiency I-125 > 70%, CS-137 > 26%
Resolution I-129 < 28%, I-125 < 34%, Co57 < 17%
High Voltage 800 - 1000 V
Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC 50 - 60 Hz
Dimmensions L1400 * H1450 * W800
Weight 250 Kg
ETC External PC (Windows OS), Ethenet or USB Connection, GUI Software