PC Incorporated
A built-in computer system provides more convenient user interface such as direct printing, database management, software upgrade & USB connections.
DATA Management
All measured results are registered and managed by calendar form database and easy to be transferred to and modified on your PC as a Microsoft Office Excel CSV file.
LCD Touch Screen
E-Spectro offers you the best uesr friendly graphic interface with the high resolution LCD touch screen.
Internal Device QC
Internal QC for a spectrophotometer itself is basically available just measuring reference QC plate(optional accessory) at each wavelength recommended.
Detectable Range
Maximum of 5 different interference filters can be installed and 3 filters(standard, reference and secondary) can be used for maximum detectable range of 0.0 - 9.0 optical density.
Specification Description
Standard Filter 405nm, 450nm,620nm (492nm&540nm)
Light Source 20W Halogen lamp, lamp saver function
Decoding Time Single wavelength< 3sec.
Double wavelength< 10sec.
Display 9" full touch screen
Indication Range 0.000 - 3.000 OD (Max. 9.000OD)
Accuracy 0.150OD ±2.0%, 1.000OD ±1.0%
2.500OD ±1.0%
Power Supply & Fuse 110-220V, 50-60Hz, T 1.0A
Environmental Condition 10 - 40℃
Linearity & Reproducibility ≥ 0.999 and ≤ 0.2%
Interface Serial port RS232, USB and Printer
Dimension (mm) 276(W) x 420(D) x 212(H)
Weight 12 kg