Advanced software-mediated Temperature & shaking System

Large Capacity & Separately Controlled Plates
Four plates can be installed and controlled individually.
Detailed Setting of Incubation Temperature
Incubation temperature can be adjusted from 30 to 50℃ with 1℃ interval.
Shaking Speed
Shaking speed can be adjusted from 300 to 1200 RPM.
Safety Mode
Elevation of temperature to above 55℃ leads to automatic shutdown of the machine.
Incubation Completion Indicator
When incubation time is up, an alarm will ring to alert users.
Preheating Mode
Using this mode, incubation will start only when the required temperature is reached.
Touch Screen
Easy UI is featured with full touch screen and allows everyone to use the machine easily.
Specification Description
Plate Deck 4 (individually controlled plates)
Max Incubation Time Max possible setting time: 995 min, if setting time is not set, it will incubate continuously
Heating Control OFF (room temperature), 30-50℃
Safety Mode: Shut off in case of overheating< 10sec.
Heating Mode Normal Mode / Preheating Mode
Temperature Unit Fahrenheit / Celsius
Shaking Speed (RPM) 1-5 levels of speed: 900-1200 RPM.
Power Mode: 2100 RPM
Alarm Alarm when incubation completes
Control Panel View LCD
Power 110V / 200V (50Hz / 60Hz)
Dimension (mm) 350(W) x 430(D) x 150(H)
Weight 10 kg