Full Automation
Fully automated system provides easy and fast performance with 5 or 10 detectors.
User-friendly Interface
Windows 7 O/S base and touch screen allow easy access for users.
Automatic Upgrade System
System connects to Dream Server and maintains the program up-to-date by automatic upgrade.
RF-ID System
RF-chip contains protocol information which saves user's time and effort selecting protocol information each time.
Management Program
Dream manager saves up to 100 Assay Protocols and collects all assay result date in sequence of date.
Easy Maintenance
Detectors are designed as through-hole type so each detector can be handled seperately.
It allows easier maintenance and decontamination of the detecting part.
Worklist Interface
Worklist with sample information is transmitted from the network to the Gamma Counter.
Additional availabilities
Compatible Rack System, Automatic Calibration, Automatic Tube detection sensor, Multi Channel Analyzer, cross Talk, Spill Up/Down.
Specification Description
Detector GAMMA-10 : 10 Detector, through hole type
GAMMA-5 : 5 Detector, through hole type
ADC Analog Conversion Rate : 12 Bit (4096 Channels)
Background I-125 <100, Co57 <100
Efficiency I-125 > 75%, CS-137 > 26%
Resolution I-129 < 28%, I-125 < 30%, Co57 < 17%
Deck Capacity GAMMA-10 : 540 Tubes, GAMMA-5 : 300 Tubes
High Voltage 650V ~ 800V (outset 720V)
ID System RF-ID (1024 Bit TF Tag)
Power 220V, 110V
Dimension (mm) GAMMA-10 : 730(W) x 995(D) x 770(H)
GAMMA-5 : 730(W) x 743(D) x 735(H)