Procedure Memoring
Frequently used procedures can be memorized.
Automatic Recognition
Presence of rack is automatically recongnized by rack sensor. Users do not have to in put the number of rack.
Compatible Rack System - RALS
It is optimized to be used with RALS Compatible Rack which saves time and extra efforts.
Washing Solution
2 kinds of washing solution can be connected at the same time so that users can choose which one to apply.
Washing System
It has dispensing needle and suction needle independently which wash 20 tubes simultaneously.
Waste Management
It collects tracer in a separate tank after washing, which enables easy handling of waste.
Additional availabilities
Control panel displays the status of solution tank and waste tank.
Specification Description
Dispensing / Suction Needle 20 / 20
Loadable Carrier / Tube(MAX) TW300: 5/300, TW180: 3/180
Control Panel Solution Type (1/2), Dispensing Vol. (1~4ml)
Suction Time (~99 Sec.), Washing Time (0~9)
Max Tube size (mm) 12.5 (diameter)
Washing solution 2 types at the same time
Rack Detection Sensor
Solution Tank Sensor
Floating Sensor
Bead Method Support Yes
Power 220V, 60Hz
Weight 27kg
Dimension (mm) TW-300 : 820(W) x 600(D) x 295(H)
TW-180 : 580(W) x 600(D) x 460(H)